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Just like the great majority of programming-related courses, I was introduced to programming with the object-oriented paradigm (OOP). Even though many languages are multi-paradigm, like Python, C++, JavaScript and Ruby, we still have OOP as the norm.

Last year I was challenged to work with an Elixir stack at a new job. It was a new experience for me as I had never worked with functional programming before. Learning a new programming paradigm was one of the biggest steps in my career, and I’m about to share my learnings from the last year in the next few lines.

1. Learning Functional Programming Requires a Reboot

As an…

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The class you have been waiting for. It is your programming class in school and the professor offers you plenty of interesting and essential words: objects, classes, constructors, inheritance. You love programming! And that’s programming, right? Well, that’s one way of structuring your program. And a very thought-provoking way, as object-oriented programming feels quite natural to most people.

Later on, you got a job to work with Erlang, this programming language that you certainly did not learn in your classes. Erlang is a functional programming language. It’s not that is better or worse than Java or C++. It’s just different…

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Before Ruby on Rails, web development was a different reality. Enterprise languages and frameworks cornered the market. No automated tests, complex solutions to simple problems, and other issues. DHH, a Bauhaus-rebel for its time, has transformed this scenario by thinking design-driven, developer-first, and, simple. Form follows function, they say.

Back to 2004

O que fazemos na Bcredi para manter um código limpo e um software bem testado mesmo em um ambiente de startup.

Ter um código limpo, um codebase organizado, simples de entender, fácil de manter e bem testado é muitas vezes uma dificuldade em um ambiente de startup, onde as coisas mudam muito rápido, as especificações são mais voláteis e o tempo é curto.

Existem alguns pontos e passos práticos que adotamos na Bcredi para criar uma cultura de qualidade de código tanto no time de engenharia, mas também no time de produto. Há valor de negócio em manter software bem escrito e bem testado.

Cultivamos uma cultura de code review

Um dos passos práticos mais importantes para manter a qualidade de código e de software é que…

There is a lot of discussion about the Ruby language demise. Well, this balderdash is circulating for a while now, and there are posts from 3+ years ago saying that Ruby is dead, but in fact, here we are.

A Google Trends search shows that the Ruby interest over time isn’t decaying, but following the same pattern similar technologies are tracing. Also, always keep in mind that programming languages are tools to solve specific problems, and that is why there is no such thing as the best programming language.

Ruby has gone through a lot of significant changes during the…

The way job recruitment works has changed. Your skills are far more valuable than your degrees. During an interview for The New York Times, Laszlo Block, former VP of People Operations at Google, stated that the proportion of Google employees without any college education had steadily increased through the years.

Employers are now focused on what the candidate is able to do, and not which graduation he went to. To measure the fit of applicants, recruiters are looking mainly to:

  1. Problem solving skills
  2. Variety of backgrounds and industries
  3. Experience
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The recruiter needs to know whether you’ve got relevant expertise with…

There's a kind of developer that can harm a whole workplace because of their…

Spoken languages and programming languages

We, humans, use language since biblical times to express ourselves and to communicate with each other. The same thing happens with programming languages. It is a tool made so humans can communicate with machines. Just as spoken languages, there are a lot of programming languages with different dialects, applicabilities, and contexts. Some are even called dead languages because no nation officially speaks it.

Spoken languages are close to programming languages in its core: communication. Both are great tools to communicate. And that’s how you want to see programming languages: as a tool.

With the ascension of Agile methodologies and evolving…

To be a programmer isn't just about to write code, but to write good and maintainable code. There is a must-read book that companies are paying their employees to read. And this is the book every programmer should read.

To write code that other programmers can understand is a hard task that only 20% of the programmers have. When you are writing software you can't only think if the machine can read, but also humans can.

“Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.” — Martin Fowler

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The book was written by Robert "Uncle Bob" Martin and it's called Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship. This book explains more of the concept of programming for the code readers. This reader may be:

  • The future you
  • Your co-workers

Do you know how Airbnb trumped hotels and WhatsApp became the top-1 mobile app in Latin America just focusing on the user?

User Experience is a matter of survival today. Learn what is UX, how to improve the user experience you deliver through your business and discover why you should care about it.

What is this User Experience?

User Experience, or UX, is the overall aspects of the user interaction to your company, services and products in terms of how easy and pleasing it is to consume. This is not related to the internet, but you can use User Experience in your favor applying its concepts to your website.

UX is everything. It always has been, but it’s undervalued and underinvested in.

— Evan Williams, co-founder of…

Do you feel unmotivated? The projects you are working on have no impact? Can't you remember the last time you learned something or faced a challenge? These are the signs you are in the comfort zone and have to change right now.

Besides work issues such as burnouts, coworker problems and salary, the comfort zone is the main reason you should quit your job.

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What is the comfort zone?

In a few words, the comfort zone is a psychological state where things feel familiar to you. It’s when you are on the control of your environment. That causes a steady performance with low rates of overall personal development.

Vinicius Brasil

Elixir chemist, Rubyist, passionate writer, choir section leader, and Theology student.

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